About MBB

A Little Bit About Us

Welcome Warrior! Thank you for visiting. 

Mind Body Blend is a growing concept and community that was started by designer and advocate, Debra Williams' love for WHOLE health and wellness - mind, body and spirit / soul.

Debra has been immersed in the preventative health care industry since 2008, and has worked with thousands of individuals and families over the years teaching and inspiring intentional habits and healthy sustainable lifestyle. As a mother of 2, she believes firmly in conscious parenting and the vital importance of teaching and modeling health responsibility and ownership. 

The vision to empower a quickly growing community of people all passionate about health freedom and sovereignty has been expanding as more and more folks are discovering the importance of authentically sharing their own purpose, passion and story. MBB aims to help provide tools and resources to encourage and inspire individuals to take charge of their lives and step into their own power and make a real difference in their own lives and in the world around them. 

Health Freedom is a basic human right that we must maintain the integrity of. We maintain - Where There is Risk, There Must ALWAYS be Choice. The soul of humanity weighs in the balance as basic rights are being stripped away and humanity is being systematically weakened and manipulated. We MUST awaken and rise up, persevere, stronger together, in love and truth. 

Silent advocacy "armor" is an excellent way to spark meaningful interactions, and plant seeds of truth and awareness to help to awaken and encourage others to realize their own true power and sovereignty. Whether gifting a tank or tee, or wearing one yourself, humanity thanks you for your willingness to be a part of the solution and boldly take steps to into a more brave and courageous way of life, not just for the moment, but for years and generations to come. 

 Why I stand: For my own family, my children and the future of humanity 


 Where it started: PASHfreedom (Parent Advocates for Student Health Freedom) 


Who we are: Moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles, aunts, citizens who are committed to advocating on behalf of choice for students, teachers and families. These "new norm" guidelines come with a lot of concerns for parents as well as issues with students regarding mandates and nonsensical new policies and procedures that are negatively impacting their development and mental, emotional and physical health. The purpose of this group is to stand for our children's health, well being and best interest and to fight for the health freedom of all, especially in schools, to connect and build community and a system of support with one another, to inspire and motivate and encourage one another, to share resources, educate ourselves, each other, and to press and address school board administration with our findings regarding these pressing topics. We are stronger together!